Aircon Service and Maintenance

Air Conditioning and climate control systems are becoming standard as vehicle accessories. A good system will last the life time of a vehicle but will require regular maintenance. At Grove Garage we can provide a complete car air-con service that not only gives your air-con a re-gas but also includes:

  • All components are checked for damage, leaks and poor running.
  • All switch, controls and fans are checked.
  • A complete overhaul to ensure optimal performance and long life.

Remember air conditioning systems can be used all year round and not just to cool you down in summer - but also to demist your windscreen faster in the winter than your heater blower can on cold mornings.

We offer an air conditioning service and/or re-gas at a very competitive rate. So dont delay and get yours checked today. Click here to make a booking or call on us on 01235-763534

Benefits of an air conditioning service

  • Gives you back the really cold temperature and strong blowing from the vents
  • It includes a complete inspection of the entire air conditioning system
  • Gives you peace of mind that you’re travelling in a comfortable, clean and healthy environment
  • Take advantage of this great service by booking yours today.
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