Vehicle Battery Fitting At Grove Garage

Looking to buy a battery, have a battery fitted or just make sure your battery is in full working order - look no further. At Grove Garage we offer competitive prices and will ensure you receive an outstanding service from our fully trained and experienced workshop, and be away within only 15-30 minutes.

Fitting a battery to a vehicle is becoming much more complicated due to the security systems now fitted to vehicles. Let us do it for you, quickly and safely, and we can then dispose of your old battery in an environmentally approved way.

Please contact contact us on 01235-763534 or book online

Grove Garage Top Tips:

  • Check your car battery is fully charged and avoid running the battery down by making sure you turn off your lights when you leave the vehicle and try not to play the radio when the engine isn't running.
  • Always carry jump leads in case your battery does fail.
  • Vehicle Exhaust systems

At Grove Garage we can fit many brands of exhausts for all makes and models of cars: We aim to get your vehicle back to you within 24hours at the most.

Emissions from vehicles are now a major part of the MOT test, and it is important that your engine and exhaust system are in good order to prevent premature damage to the catalytic converter.

book your exhaust repair/replacement online or call us today on 01235-763534.

What to look out for?

Your exhaust is very clever at telling you when something is wrong! It may rattle when the clips are loose, black smoke may be seen when the catalytic converter doesn't work or it may even fall off completely if it has rusted through!

What is a Catalytic Converter?

Their purpose is to clean the emissions from the car engine, to remove harmful particles and carbon monoxide gas; so that the final gas from the exhaust pipe is predominantly carbon dioxide and water vapor. 

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