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Car Preparation

Grove Car Sales - Getting Your Car Ready 

So you’ve found the car that you've always wanted, but how can you be sure it’s as good as it looks?
Here at Grove Car Sales, we take great pride in providing our customers with great cars, so much so that we have a dedicated preparation process each car must complete before it can be displayed on our forecourt.

This is a step by step guide to how we prepare your car for you. 

1) Buying the cars:

We check all prices nationally when buying from our suppliers. We aim to keep a minimum of 12 cars

2) Car Inspection:

When our cars arrive to us we check them inside and out before we begin their full preparation. We know we can speed up the time it takes a car to make it to our standard meaning you can get your car quicker.

We cosmetically inspect each vehicle inside and out so we can understand what if any, work is required to bring the car up to showroom standards.

3) Cosmetic Preparation:

When you browse the cars on our forecourt we want to make sure they are looking their best. To ensure this we have partnered with a professional cosmetic repair centre that will repair any bodywork scratches or scuffs on alloy wheels.

4) Mechanical Preparation:

Every car goes through our stringent checks at Grove Garage. We not only service the car but also review it against our 100-point checklist. We hope that this gives you peace of mind when purchasing from us.

We use manufacturers’ parts to ensure quality and maintain manufacturer’s warranty.

We also provide the correct oil grade to abide by manufactures guidelines.

Everything that requires replacement for example tyres or brakes is completed before the car can undergo a road test.

5) The Road Test:

We are sure you wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first, well we wouldn't sell you one without doing the same. We are passionate about this because the drive of the car really is the true test of the car. So we take our cars on a demanding 6 mile drive.

6) MOT:
We provide 12 months on every car unless the vehicle currently has 10 months or more still on it.

7) Valeting and quality control:
The final part of the process is to clean the car to the highest standard before finally putting it on sale.

Valeting preparation is crucial because let's be honest we want you to drive away in your car feeling like it is a new car. We have a skilled team of valets with over 30 years of valeting experience using only the best products such as Autoglym.

The cars are finally quality-checked and photographed for the website.

Now you know how our cars are prepared why not browse our current nearly new car stock list?

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