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Used Car Tips

Buying a used car can be a minefield sometimes, at Grove Car Sales we have put together this list of tips to help you in your purchase, and make life much easier for you.

Understanding your used car needs:

Make sure you know what you need before you go shopping... Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will I be taking lots of people in the back of my car? Do I need a 3 or a 5 door?
  • Do I need a lot of boot space or will it only be used on an odd occasion?
  • Do I need a petrol or a diesel car? If you are only doing a small annual mileage then a petrol may be more appropriate.
  • Can I get it in the garage? Have you measured your parking area?
  • What do I need now and in the future? Will a 5 seat car fit my future family plans?
  • What sort of journeys will I use the car for, will they be motorway journeys or just town driving?

Where to buy your used car... 

Where you choose to buy your car will determine the type, price and level of service you receive:

Shopping on line for a used car will give you a good idea of price range. However just because a car is advertised for that price doesn't always mean they can do that deal, or supply very quickly.

Car Supermarkets are a great place to browse a large selection of makes and models. The prices are usually competitive. However you may be disappointed if you like to haggle or have a part exchange to trade in.

Car Main dealers are a good source of 2-3 year old used cars. You will have to pay a higher premium for these cars but you should expect a high level of service during and after your car sale.

Independent Specialist Car Dealers can really give you some great choice on nearly new cars. If possible make sure that the car dealer you are going to has been recommended to you by someone who has bought a car from that dealer.